May 26, 2012

Mobile phone having projector...

New revolution in the mobile Technology...Having Projector in the Mobile phones..

Spice Mobile launches M-9000 Popkorn..

Spice Mobile has just launched the Spice Mobile M-9000 Popkorn phone, with an inbuilt projector.

Spice has been one of the leaders in dual-sim phone sales in the entry-level mobile phone market.

The M-9000 also boasts of a dual-sim feature but its major draw is its inbuilt projector. You can use the projector to view videos as well as analogue TV from the phone.

The analogue TV feature functionality was first seen in devices like the Nokia N93 and N96. It catches free-to-air terrestrial networks like Doordarshan in India.

There are other phones in the same category that provide streaming television using 3G networks. Though there are a wider variety of channels available, they come at added data streaming cost.

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