Jun 19, 2012

Access Windows® from anywhere; your Mac, PC, iPad, Android tablet or mobile device

Nivio....! Get your entire desktop…all of your applications and data anywhere, anytime, on any device - it's that simple.
Everything is everywhere.
A forgotten work file, a picture you can't find or a song that's on another device is a nightmare we deal with all too often. Your digital stuff is important; equally important as your wallet or car keys, but just as easily misplaced!
nivio gives you tons of free storage and the ability to add more - so your data (or "stuff" as we like to call it) is always in the same place and always available. It's your digital life on your terms.
But what good is storage if you can't access or edit a file exactly when you need to? With our nDesktop service you can access Windows®, many of your favorite desktop apps and your digital stuff on just about any connected device, wherever you happen to be (it even works on a plane!).
Access on any screen.With the nivio ubiquity client you can literally access your desktop and your data on any connected screen. nivio supports any browser running HTML 5.

nDrive Basic Storage (Free) 10 GB of storage. As a bonus, we wil throw in 30 days free of nDesktop and Microsoft Office whenever you want on us! Check here for details http://in.nivio.com/get-nivio/

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