Jul 8, 2012

OfficeDrop Application for Android Tablets

The New York Times Says: Track business expenses with OfficeDrop by photographing receipts with your phone and storing the images in the app and online.

CBS' BNET Says: Just snap a photo with your phone, then sit back while it converts the page into a searchable PDF and uploads it to cloud storage.
How crazy-handy is that?
**Turn Your Android Into a Scanner – Search and Share Files From Anywhere
** The best way to scan, search, sync and store your paper is now available on your Android phone and now your Android Tablet! OfficeDrops is a free online cloud storage service that lets you scan paper, text search paper & digital files and share files - right from your Android device, the web or from your Windows PC (Mac coming soon).

How OfficeDrop works:
 * Scan with your device’s camera.
 * Upload your scan into your OfficeDrop cloud storage account and it becomes a PDF ready to be searched, shared or organized.
* The PDF is automatically saved onto your Windows PC if you upload it into a folder that you’ve synced using OfficeDrop’s Windows Sync Client (available for free on officedrop.com).
* Then search for text in the scan from your Android device or from the web!

Key Features:
 * Access scans, files and documents from anywhere, anytime.
* Turn your Android phone and tablet into a mobile scanner, creating multi-page PDFs that you can download, share or email.
* Search for words, phrases or numbers within documents – even scans – with OfficeDrop’s OCR and file search engine.
* Sync files to and from your Windows PC using OfficeDrop’s free Windows sync client; automatically uploads any file in any folder to the cloud for mobile searching & sharing.
 * Share files and folders from your device, the web or Windows desktop.
* Scan from your Mac to the cloud and access on your device with OfficeDrop’s ScanDrop scanner software.
* Organize your documents and files into folders and tag them with labels for easy access.
* Personal email address {username}@myofficedrop.com allows you to forward emails and attachments into your account’s secure Inbox.
 * Online service connects to Evernote, Google Docs, FreshBooks, RightSignature & more.

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