Sep 20, 2012

Samsung Windows 8 Upgrade Models

Samsung  provided Windows 8 upgradable devices.

Windows 8 Upgradable Models

Windows 8 drivers and software are provided by Samsung for the following models.

For more details click here Samsung Windows 8 Upgrade Models 

Models by Category
Notebook (Series 3) NP300E4A, NP300E4C, NP300E5A, NP300E5C, NP300E7A, NP300U1A, NP300V3A, NP300V4A, NP300V5A, NP301E4C
NP301E5C, NP301U1A, NP301V3A, NP301V5A, NP305E4A, NP305E5A, NP305E7A, NP305U1A, NP305V4A, NP305V5A
NP306U1A, NP3430EA, NP3430EC, NP3431EA, NP3435EA, NP350E5C, NP350U2A, NP350U2B, NP350V4C, NP350V5C
NP351E5C, NP351U2A, NP351U2B, NP351V5C, NP3530EA, NP3530EC, NP355V4C, NP355V5C
Notebook (Series 5) NP500P4A, NP500P4C, NP530U3B, NP530U3C, NP530U4B, NP530U4C, NP531U3B, NP531U3C, NP531U4B, NP531U4C
NP535U3C, NP535U4C, NP550P5C, NP550P7C
Notebook (Series 7) NP700G7A, NP700G7C, XE700T1A, NP700Z3A, NP700Z3C, NP700Z4A, NP700Z5A, NP700Z5B, NP700Z5C, NP700Z7C
XE701T1A, NP701Z4A
Notebook (Series 9) NP900X1A, NP900X1B, NP900X3A, NP900X3B, NP900X3C, NP900X3D, NP900X4B, NP900X4C, NP900X4D
Notebook (Others) NP-E3411, NP-E3415, NP-E3420, NP-E3511, NP-E3520, NP-Q470, NP-Q470C, NP-QX311, NP-QX411, NP-QX412
NP-QX511, NP-RC530, NP-RC730, NP-RF411, NP-RF511, NP-RF711, NP-RV411, NP-RV415, NP-RV420, NP-RV511
NP-RV515, NP-RV520, NP-RV711, NP-RV720, NP-S3511, NP-S3520
Desktop PC DM300S1A, DM300T2A, DM301S1A, DM305S2A, DM500S2A, DM700S2B, DM700T2B
All-in-One PC DB301A2A, DB701A3B, DB701A3C, DB-AF310, DM300A2A, DM700A3B, DM700A3C, DM900A7A, DM900A7C
DP900A7C, DM-AF300, DM-AF310, DP300A2A, DP700A3A, DP700A3B, DP700A3C, DP900A7A, DP-AF310

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